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Crissy & Beth

Velvet was released in 1970. Her head is mold marked 1969. Her body is marked 1970.

Just like cousin Beautiful Crissy, the number one Velvet box had a classic side view drawing of Velvet, where Crissy's box had her profile on it. Velvet's box also had a yarn handle, as did Crissy's. When Velvet was packed in her box, she was wrapped in purple tissue paper and she had small rollers at her temples to hold her ringlets in place. She was wearing a purple A-line dress, trimmed at the waist in white ribbon with picot lace around the neck and arm openings. This dress can be found in a flocked faux "velvet" or also in a waleless corduroy fabric. Her panties are either white cotton woven fabric trimmed in white lace or lavender taffeta, trimmed in the same white lace. Oftentimes, these lavender taffeta panties are faded to any shade of pink. To top of this outfit, she came with a purple flocked hair bow attached to a small hairpin. She wore purple shoes. The black doll wore the same outfit, but it was lavender as were her shoes.

Crissy & Beth

Crissy & Beth

Above: 1971 saw the release of Movin' Groovin' Velvet. This little sweetheart had a jointed waist and was the corresponding doll to Movin' Groovin' Crissy. This joint allowed her to twist and look with her whole upper body to the left or right. She could also bend slightly in any direction at her waist joint. She is often confused with Look Around Velvet (see below) by new collectors and unknowing doll dealers. Her issue outfit is a pink mini-dress with a pink taffeta attached skirt. The bodice has lace overlay. Her panties are constructed of the same pink, shiny taffeta trimmed at the legs with white lace. The black doll wore the same outfit.

One may find that the black issue of this doll wears a more "hot" pink version of the dress. The panties are also hot pink. Notice that the tissue that these dolls are wrapped in is lavender (for both white and black dolls).

Velvet also talked from 1971 to 1973. She was known as Talky Velvet (right). Talky usually has a shag haircut on her foundation hair. Too bad, because it really looks whacked to collectors. Very few have the usual style for Velvet's foundation hair, but there are some. The doll above, on the far right, has the usual foundation hair. Talky Velvet was a white issue only.

Talky's outfit was a housecoat just like Talky Crissy's outfit. Under that were matching panties and she wore yellow shoes in the usual style of Velvet shoes. Included in the box was a large baggie that held large and medium hair rollers, a brush, ribbons and bobby pins. She was a pullstring talker like Talky Crissy. At the end of her string was a butterfly. She spoke six phrases: "Come play with me." "My hair grows." "Hi, I'm Velvet." "Comb my hair, please." "I want to be your friend!" "I want to wear my new dress!"

In the picture above, one may note that the two boxes for Movin' Groovin' Velvet and Talky Velvet are very similar.

Crissy & Beth

So pretty in 1972: The Look Around Velvet doll. The white doll will be found in red shiny shoes 99.99% of the time. The black doll will be found in white shoes about 50% of the time.

This issue had matching panties on under her dress made in the same taffeta fabric. She is a corresponding doll to Look Around Crissy. Her foundation hair is a tad more wavy with more body than previous Velvet issues. Both black and white dolls were dressed the same and functioned the same way.

Her torso is jointed at the waist as is her upper neck. They are motorized and activated by a pullstring (just like LA Crissy). At the end of the pullstring, like all Crissy family dolls with a pullstring function of any sort, was the butterfly pull tab. After it is pulled, she looks around, her neck and waist moving to the left and right in tandem.

The Illfelder Toy Company used up old stock from Ideal by re-packaging the Look Around Velvet (far right).

Crissy & Beth

Above, in 1973 we saw the Velvet with the Beauty Braider doll and in 1974 Velvet with the New Swirly Daisies. Both were sold black or white.

The 1973 Velvet with a Beauty Braider (above, left) is a straight waist doll that corresponds to the Beautiful Crissy with the Swirla-Curler. In fact, their boxes are very similar. Her hair gimmick is the Beauty Braider (which was also sold in the Beauty Salon- click to see that section of this site). The directions were somewhat confusing but one was to divide the hair into three sections and place each section in place in the Beauty Braider. It really did make a nice smooth braid once one got the hang of it!

Both the white and black dolls wore the same lavender floral dress decorated at the waist with a flocked sewn-in sash with a large bow on her back. The shoes were lavender and shiny. The back and the front of this box are very pretty. The black version of this doll in the above picture is still sealed in her body baggie and hasn't been touched my human hands since 1973. Amazing!

Crissy & Beth

So that the little stylist could maintain those beautiful new braids, a small baggie full of rubberbands was taped into the directions.

Crissy & Beth Crissy & Beth

On top of the boxes, two beautiful little girls are used to model with the dolls. (Left) This is one time when Ideal used photos of children on the dolls' boxes. (Right)

The 1974 Velvet with the New Swirly Daisies was the corresponding doll to Beautiful Crissy with Twirly Beads. Both black and white dolls wore the exact same outfit with no variation. Her mini-dress was created in a plaid print, trimmed with a flocked "velvet" sash. The panties matched, having been made in the same plaid. On occasion, in an MIB example, one may encounter a doll that has the previous year's dress (Beauty Braider) included in the box, sealed in a baggie. This was an attempt to get rid of leftover stock. But what a nice surprise! Two outfits for one doll!

Her Swirly Daisies device was created just like the Twirly Beads device in that it had a cone that was inserted into the doll's grow hole. It was wired so that it could be woven into her 'tail to create a fresh Spring hairstyle.

Crissy & Beth

This 1981 reissue had peachier skin tone on the white doll. Her dress is very much like the reissued 1982/83 Beautiful Crissy's dress, a white sleeveless frock trimmed in pink and white lace with a pink ribbon at the waist. Her shoes were white "Velvet-styled" t-straps.

These Eighties Ladies' hair function was profoundly different. Their hair "grew" by means of a pullstring on a ring that came out of her back. It functioned just like Baby Crissy's ponytail. Their foundation hair was also styled differently. It had a side part and was rather wavy.

Crissy & Beth

New friends for Velvet: Mia (1971) and Dina (1972-73). The Mia doll on the left has curly, coarse foundation hair (an unusual feature and certainly hard to find). Dina sports a cute butterfly tattoo on her right outside knee. It is usually missing. However, you just can't see it in this picture. It's pretty small.

Dina's "tattoo" was actually a sticker. It came in the box with the doll, usually folded inside the directions. The sticker did not adhere to the doll very well, therefore it's hard to find it on the doll.

Crissy & Beth
Here is a close-up of the sticker. See how tiny it is?

Crissy & Beth

Way cool family member additions in 1971 where the Cricket doll (only came in a white issue and the only small girl that was a Sears catalog exclusive) and then in 1976 Tara was released, in a black version only.

Cricket's outfit was constructed similarly to the number one Velvet's outfit, an A-line dress trimmed at the waist with a flocked ribbon. Her panties were made of the same material. Her shoes were a shiny red-orange t-strap. The little hair clip above is original to the doll and is usually missing. It was held in place by a small plastic pick. It was made of the same fabric as her flocked ribbon waist trim. This doll can on occasion, be found with blue eyes. If she has blue eyes, her hair will be a darker auburn, very similar in color to Crissy's. If one finds a blue-eyed Cricket and her hair is the same cinnamon color that is usually found, then the eyes were more than likely replaced in order to fool the customer. Please shop carefully. At the bottom of this page, one can see a nice picture of the blue-eyed Cricket, third photo from the bottom. She is modeling her Sears exclusive The Wedding Belles bridesmaid outfit. When she was packaged with the exclusive outfit, she wore her original issue outfit, described above, along with her shiny red-orange shoes. The bridesmaid outfit was packaged separately and included in the box. No extra shoes to compliment this special outfit were included.

Tara's outfit is a very sweet yellow and white gingham pantsuit completed with yellow t-strap shoes. She has small white bows tied to her pigtails at her temples. The box is very sweet. Here again, we find an instance where Ideal photographed the doll with a child, something they didn't do often.

Be aware that her original issue outfit was heavily starched from the factory. Remember, as starch ages, it can become dingy or beige-y. But don't despair... Tara's outfit can be returned to its original yellow and white by hand-laundering in an oxygen-bleach type detergent and cold water (to prevent fading). Hang up to dry in front of a fan to dry it quickly.

Crissy & Beth

Of course you want to know about "Velvet's Little Sister!" The first year (1972), that is exactly as she was known. She wasn't Cinnamon yet. And she was a white only doll. Her little orange polka-dot short set was somewhat plain and nondescript. Her shoes are shiny orange Mary Janes.

Interestingly, evidence has finally surfaced that Ideal toyed with other names for Velvet's Little Sister. Please enjoy this must read page!

In 1973, she was known as "Velvet's Little Sister, Cinnamon with a Hairdoodler," black or white. Her Hairdoodler device could be found in the Crissy's Beauty Parlor set as well. This year, she wore a variation on the previous year's dress but with an added collar. Her shoes were the same.

Her Hairdoodler was a nifty device that created a mound of swirls and curls on top of her head.

By 1974, she came in another outfit, but sometimes had her previous year outfit packed in the box with her. She was called "Velvet's Little Sister, Cinnamon with the New Curly Ribbons." She also came black or white. The white doll wore orange shoes but curiously the black doll wore dark blue shoes in the same style.

She was sold with a hair device that resembled yellow and white ribbons that was used to create new hair styles.

All Cinnamon dolls (above) are being shown in their issue outfits.

On occasion, the collector will encounter a version of Cinnamon that has eyelashes configured another way. This has been referred to as cross-lashes or X-lashes. Not only are the top lashes painted differently, but the bottom lashes are painted more plentifully. Below is a picture of the Cinnamon with X-lashes.

Crissy & Beth

Notice both sets of lashes, upper and lower. Some, though not all, of these dolls have deeper auburn hair than the "usual" Cinnamon with pale copper colored hair.

Crissy & Beth

This Cinnamon with curly foundation hair is certainly unusual! Thanks to Sue L. for contributing this example to the archives enabling this site to share her with others! Very few have this curly style. It seems similar to the above-referenced curly haired Mia. Indeed, this Cinnamon's hair is not fine and silky, but a bit more course than the norm, cut very short, and still holds its original set to this day! Also take note of how her eyelashes are painted around her eye. Very different from the X-lashed doll above.

Crissy & Beth

How sweet! These two are enjoying a romp in a "tree," each showing off their individuality. The Cinnamon on the left is wearing a Premier outfit. She has the X-lashes and the darker auburn hair. Her foundation hair is "stick" straight. It is easy to compare the color difference with the doll on the right. Her bangs are banded in clear plastic, as Ideal did, since they have a tendency to stick out on this particular doll.

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