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Crissy & Beth

The above dolls are Kerry (1971) and Brandi (1972-73). Ideal touted Kerry, dressed in a two-tone green short outfit paired with dark green bowflats, as being from the Emerald Isle. Kerry has a straight, unjointed waist while Brandi's is jointed to twist and turn. This particular waist joint is referred to as a "Posin'" or "Movin' Groovin'" waist in Ideal literature.

Brandi is a gorgeous California girl with a deep tan. Notice that she doesn't have glassene eyes like the other Crissy family girls. She wears a sporty orange jersey one-piece swimsuit and shiny orange lace-up clogs. All dolls on this page are modeling their issue outfits.

Crissy & Beth

A large majority of Kerry's outfit are printed with elephants illustrated with four legs. There are some that have elephants with only two legs. Here is a close-up of this version.

Many collectors have said the fabric is very "Marimekko" looking. For those that aren't familiar with this Finnish company, click here.

Crissy & Beth

The above are Tressy dolls from Sears. White Gorgeous Tressy was released in 1970. She is straight waisted. Black Gorgeous Tressy, released in 1971, was also sold as a straight waisted doll (only). These dolls wore shiny black shoes and came with a cool stretch headband. The 1970 Sears catalog states "With her own hair-styling accessories. Headband not incl." Actually, this was an error. The headband was sealed in the cellophane baggie with the hair-styling accessories.

There are two versions of Gorgeous Tressy's dress and both have panties made in the same fabric (see above). One is a pale orange and off-white fabric and the other one is made of a darker orange diamond print fabric. White Posin' Tressy, 1971 and 1972 (white doll only), wears aqua shoes, her white lace-sleeved, aqua sateen dress and undies underneath made of the same aqua fabric. She has the above-mentioned "Posin'" waist.

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