My favorite charity benefits children!! Children's Healthcare of Atlanta is near and dear to my heart. It is a non-for-profit organization that takes care of the healing needs of children of families who can and who cannot afford it. They depend heavily on the kindness of everyday people like you and me to accomplish their goals.

There is not a person on this earth that doesn't know this fact: Our future lies in our children's hands.

Some of the most eloquent speakers, famous artists, well-known athletes, important statesmen, and brilliant scientists were not well as children. What would have happened if they didn't make it to adulthood?? Certainly the future would have changed.

If everyone that stopped by my site just last year and donated only one dollar, we could have donated over $5,000 benefitting children from all over the country (since so many of the patients at Children's aren't even residents of Georgia). Can you give just one dollar (or anything at all!!)? If so, click here:

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta >

Create Your Dream Crissy by visiting Sue, Kristi, and Melissa's site! On stop shopping for custom clothing and dolls! Who needs eBay??

My book "Crissy and Her Friends" is out of print! There will NOT be a second printing! The best and fastest place to order is from Amazon. I just checked...looks like there are a few "used" books available. Search by author to find my book (I wrote it under the name Beth Gunther). If they are out, check ebay, as there are always a few copies there under the Crissy doll listings.

Amazon >

So you want to collect Crissy dolls and her family? Find the biggest selection in one place.

eBay Crissy List >

Order the finest doll cleaning products on the market from my friends Nick and Barb Hill at Twin Pines.

Twin Pines Products, the Industry Standard >

I know you've seen re-root artists, but Janice and Lucy's work is just simply put, stunning!

Doll Hair Re-rooting and Restoration by artist, Janice >

More Beautiful Re-rooting and Repainting Work by artist, Lucy >

Find out about Dawn and other 6.5 inch fashion dolls at Laura's site:

Simply the best Flatsy site on the Internet!!

The Ideal Flatsy Guide >

I love Blythe! Check out Gina Garan's site:

This is Blyhe >

Vincent J. DeFilippo was the Master Sculptor at Ideal during the "Crissy Years." Mr. Neil Estern created most of the Crissy line, but Mr. DeFilippo sculpted the Sears exclusives, Tressy & Cricket, Baby Crissy's head and "Magic Hair Crissy." See this gentleman's beautiful website by clicking here.

DeFilippo Studios >

When were YOU born??? Were you born in the early sixties?? Are you a late Boomer or an early GenX'er? Not sure? Heck none of us were until we went here:

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